Al-Kawthar Evaporative cooler 2 HP Carton Italian Motor

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Features of Al-Kawthar Evaporative cooler 2 HP Carton Italian Motor : 

  • Size : 2 hp
  • Italian motor
  • Cartoon-style air conditioner with face and neck
  • High cooling capacity
  • The air conditioner structure is resistant to rust, made of the finest galvanized iron
  • The air conditioner is coated with high-quality electrostatic polyester powder
  • The components of the air conditioner are of the highest efficiency
  • Swedish-made cooling cells with quality and durability
  • Strong and long-distance airflow
  • Humidity adjustment in dry areas
  • Ideal distribution of cold air
  • Economical energy consumption
  • Easy to install and use
  • High efficiency during operation
  • Made in Saudi Arabia

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